Our Vision


Pringle Bay and Rooiels are surrounded by many of Mother Nature’s miracles; taking ‘spectacular’ to new dimensions with our coastline, rivers and mountains.  We cannot improve on Mother Nature’s spectacle; but we can do a lot to prevent further decay and destruction.

Throughout the year preceding the 2018 festival the community will be working on becoming a ‘single use plastic’ free environment; cleaning our beaches and rivers, educating our community and businesses to do their bit to keep their enviro-footprint to its minimum.

Thus – after 12 months of caring for our environment – we ask the world to come and join us in celebrating our achievements.  To share in our unique and marvellous location; to stay a while and experience for yourself what it is that makes Rooiels and Pringle Bay the little coastal gems that they are.

We are also assisting and encouraging anti-poaching activities, and are involved in some of the Two Oceans Aquarium campaigns.

These include:

All of which are easy for everyone to adopt into their daily lives and really do make a difference.



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